Reviews from The Poetry School, Wales Arts Review, Artemis Poetry, WriteOutLoud, and New Welsh Review can be found here.

13 Thoughts on This Is Not A Rescue, by Vincent Francone, a Chicago-based writer.

‘“It takes a bit of grit to make a pearl” the dance teacher says in one of the later poems and that phrase summed up the collection to me: like the split-sky of a horizon: half day, half night. If I had more of my word count left, I’d mention the sparking Welsh humour and cadences, the striking animal metaphors and the overwhelming triumph of love and tenderness. It’s all there to be discovered.’ – Kitty Donnelly, Mslexia. You can read more here.

‘Emily Blewitt is one of the most active poets on the scene, and recently has secured her PhD from Cardiff University. Blewitt’s work is witty, thoughtful, and has a certain Welsh swagger to it. If you get the chance to see her read then don’t miss it. We are very much looking forward to that debut’ – ‘The Emerging Voices of Welsh Poetry’, Wales Arts Review

‘Emily Blewitt‘s debut This is Not A Rescue (Seren) had several possible feline cover-stars, but I think they made the right choice – this one is very soulful. And soulful this book is, it’s a lively collection from a young poet with a distinctively Welsh voice that never strays into cliche.’ – Inpress April Roundup.

Review of Cheval 7 from New Welsh Review

Review of Octopoet at the Made in Roath Festival, 2014.

Review of Cheval 5  from

Review from New Welsh Review

From Joe Cushnam on his Dropped the Moon

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