‘Emily Blewitt is one of the most active poets on the scene, and recently has secured her PhD from Cardiff University. Blewitt’s work is witty, thoughtful, and has a certain Welsh swagger to it. If you get the chance to see her read then don’t miss it. We are very much looking forward to that debut’ – ‘The Emerging Voices of Welsh Poetry’, Wales Arts Review

‘Emily Blewitt‘s debut This is Not A Rescue (Seren) had several possible feline cover-stars, but I think they made the right choice – this one is very soulful. And soulful this book is, it’s a lively collection from a young poet with a distinctively Welsh voice that never strays into cliche.’ – Inpress April Roundup.

Review of Cheval 7 from New Welsh Review

Review of Octopoet at the Made in Roath Festival, 2014.

Review of Cheval 5  from

Review from New Welsh Review

From Joe Cushnam on his Dropped the Moon

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