My collection of poetry, This Is Not A Rescue, is out with Seren Books. You can order a copy here.

Recent publications:

’13 Weeks, 2 Days’, ‘Archaeology’, ‘Parch Marks’, Iamb wave 5 (March 2021)

‘The Fox and the Gravestone’, And Other Poems (January 23, 2021)

‘Abuser as Relic’, The Rialto 93 (2020)

‘How Far Along Are You?’, Poetry Wales 55.2 (Winter 2019-20)

Editorial, New Welsh Reader (120, Summer 2019) 

’13 Weeks, 2 Days’, Islands Are But Mountains: New Poetry from the United Kingdom (Platypus Press, 2019) 

‘Haven Meadow’, ‘Not Lost’, ‘The Daughter Speaks’, The Crunch Magazine (Issue 9, multimedia)


Print-based anthologies/magazines:


Planet [229]: ‘Four-Minute Warning’


Planet [228]: ‘The Men in My Family’

The North [Summer 2017]: ‘The Daughter Speaks’, ‘Boba Fett and the Sarlacc’, ‘The Walking Wed’

The Forward Book of Poetry 2017 (September 2016): ‘This Is Not a Rescue’ (Highly Commended)

The Interpreter’s House [July 2016]: ‘Witness’

Cheval 9 [July 2016]: ‘Burry Port’, ‘Devouring Jane’, ‘Not Lost’

Poetry Wales [Spring 2016]: ‘The Changing Habits of Women’, with Rebecca Parfitt


The Rialto [Winter 2015]: ‘How to Marry a Welsh Girl’

Prole [Winter 2015]: ‘The Couple Opposite’

Ambit [July 2015]: ‘Things My Dance Teacher Used to Say’

Cheval 8 (Parthian): ‘How to Explain Hiraeth to an Englishman’, ‘The Philobrutist’, ‘Pisces Rising’


Poetry Wales [Autumn 2014]:  ‘Self-Defence’ and ‘Dear Emily’

Furies (For Books’ Sake):   ‘Wrecker’

Cheval 7 (Parthian):  ‘Noir’, ‘Small Things’ and ‘Resolution’


Cheval 6 (Parthian): ‘Wrecker’ and ‘Lines’


Cheval 5 (Parthian):  ‘Five Steps’, ‘Still Life’ and ‘The Search’


Nu2: Memorable Firsts (Parthian):  ‘When you are gone’, ‘Dim Pysgota’, ‘Homecoming’, ‘Falling’

Brittle Star: ‘Sailor’


Sentinel Literary Quarterly: ‘Moses’


Online Magazines:

The Woven Tale Press (vol. 4, #8): ‘Gifts from the Crows’ (a short sequence of poems)

And Other Poems: ‘We Broke Up’ and ‘This is Not a Rescue’

Hinterland: ‘On Watching Paranormal Witness’

Roy Marshall’s blog: ‘When in Recovery’, ‘Resolution’, ‘When I Think of Bald Men’, ‘Homecoming’, ‘My Colours’

Carolyn Jess-Cooke’s blog series on depression, ‘Voicing Shadow, Singing Light’: ‘When in Recovery’

Kim Moore’s Sunday Poem blog:  ‘Giving’

Honno website (selected as ‘Poem of the Month’, September 2012): ‘After the Feast’

Cadaverine‘Still Life’, ‘Fledgling’, ‘Giving’, ‘Love,’

Pomegranate:  ‘Salt Roses’

The Guardian Poetry Workshop:  ‘The Hairdresser’s Daughter’

Bolts of Silk:  ‘After the Feast’

A Handful Of Stones: ‘Sea’

2 thoughts on “Publications

  1. Dear Emily Blewitt,

    Hello, my name is Lynn Lu and I am a visual artist from Singapore and based in London.

    I recently came across the stunning Furies whilst researching a new project,
    and wanted to seek your permission to possibly include Wrecker in the audio part of a performance I’m developing:

    My project is entitled Haumapuhia Rising, a new commission for Performance Arcade (NZ) this February.

    When I was contacted last October for this, the Harvey Weinstein scandal was just unfolding and women all over the world were breaking their silence on male violence and predation. Where women have often been historically and systematically disbelieved – dismissed as hysterical, manipulative and dishonest – the #metoo movement signaled the rise of an epic counter-narrative: Women’s stories.

    Amid the tsunami of #metoo revelations, I learned of the Maori myth of Haumapuhia who was betrayed and drowned in a spring by her own father. Face-down with her long black hair undulating in the foaming waters, the force of her thrashing formed the arms and inlets of a great lake.

    In my piece Haumapuhia Rising I will recreate this archetypal image of a wrathful Asian female spirit – wild-haired and white-gowned. I shall float face-down in Wellington Harbour for two hours each day over the period of two weeks. And in the spirit of The Furies who hound the wicked to madness, voices of women will roar from beneath the water’s surface.

    The audio will comprise of about 30 poems by raging women all over the world, recited and layered in triplicate to invoke the Erinyes and an incantation. Please find attached a short clip (What You Are by Singapore poet Tania De Rozario) of how the audio will sound.

    Poets will be credited in all publicity and subsequent documentation on my website;
    if you’re happy for Wrecker to be included, please advise re: fee, etc.
    The production budget is small, but I shall do my best!

    Thank you very much for your time and kind consideration, and I hope to hear from you.
    Best wishes, Lynn


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