I’m thrilled to announce that my debut collection of poetry, This Is Not A Rescue, is now out! You can order a copy here.

You can read my poetry (and a heap of other interesting poets’ work) in the following publications:

Print-based anthologies/magazines:

The Forward Book of Poetry 2017 (September 2016): ‘This Is Not a Rescue’ (Highly Commended)

The Interpreter’s House [July 2016]: ‘Witness’

Cheval 9 [July 2016]: ‘Burry Port’, ‘Devouring Jane’, ‘Not Lost’

Poetry Wales [Spring 2016]: ‘The Changing Habits of Women’, with Rebecca Parfitt


The Rialto [Winter 2015]: ‘How to Marry a Welsh Girl’

Prole [Winter 2015]: ‘The Couple Opposite’

Ambit [July 2015]: ‘Things My Dance Teacher Used to Say’

Cheval 8 (Parthian): ‘How to Explain Hiraeth to an Englishman’, ‘The Philobrutist’, ‘Pisces Rising’


             Poetry Wales [Autumn 2014]:  ‘Self-Defence’ and ‘Dear Emily’

             Furies (For Books’ Sake):   ‘Wrecker’

             Cheval 7 (Parthian):  ‘Noir’, ‘Small Things’ and ‘Resolution’


             Cheval 6 (Parthian): ‘Wrecker’ and ‘Lines’


            Cheval 5 (Parthian):  ‘Five Steps’, ‘Still Life’ and ‘The Search’


             Nu2: Memorable Firsts (Parthian):  ‘When you are gone’, ‘Dim Pysgota’, ‘Homecoming’, ‘Falling’

             Brittle Star: ‘Sailor’


             Sentinel Literary Quarterly: ‘Moses’

Online Magazines:

The Woven Tale Press (vol. 4, #8): ‘Gifts from the Crows’ (a short sequence of poems)

And Other Poems: ‘We Broke Up’ and ‘This is Not a Rescue’

Hinterland: ‘On Watching Paranormal Witness’

Roy Marshall’s blog: ‘When in Recovery’, ‘Resolution’, ‘When I Think of Bald Men’, ‘Homecoming’, ‘My Colours’

Carolyn Jess-Cooke’s blog series on depression, ‘Voicing Shadow, Singing Light’: ‘When in Recovery’

Kim Moore’s Sunday Poem blog:  ‘Giving’

Honno website (selected as ‘Poem of the Month’, September 2012): ‘After the Feast’

Cadaverine‘Still Life’, ‘Fledgling’, ‘Giving’, ‘Love,’

Pomegranate:  ‘Salt Roses’

The Guardian Poetry Workshop:  ‘The Hairdresser’s Daughter’

Bolts of Silk:  ‘After the Feast’

A Handful Of Stones: ‘Sea’


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